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There Is No God !!! (Autarkeia 2010)

   The form of creepy/eerie Ambient/Electronic project like a mysterious moon-shaped mechanics opening the entrance to another worlds using the gate and monotonous music or noises that slowly terming the occult-tinged or questionable missing link of paths leads one to somewhere or nowhere and Maldur Atai of traditional Nepalese/Lithuanian/Persian influences sound and beats truly gave the audience a reasonable questions to answer about the blur conditions of how and when life cycles ended to a precise point of time and Vermin might hiding some of the excuses for a figure man of peace or holy messages from one god as truly as cruel disguises on the intention not verbally correct due to the false media worshipping like the artwork did. Help US to Save Whats Left sounding too traditional and old but scary transcending or Dealing with Demons that comes like a drowning effects sequence Drone music whilst the rest of the recording missions are hopefully, opening you perspective to explores more secrets among the ordinary topics that left behind buried under the sands.