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The Outcome (Broken Tooth Entertainment 2015)

   The first collaboration from four-deadly rappers from Down Under that uniting their ability of lyrics flowing messengers superb in common main aims via SMOG; we got Kogz, Mouf, Rafle and Shaker with their mix of fucking harsh stories and life-experiences recording this fully beats and unique sounds fusion within the Gangsta-Rap and soulful Rn’B influences as the critics and common protests comes and go through the creepy tracks but fearless like Real Rec Raw, No Man’s Land, Spiders on The Web, Realm or Sleep Walkers and Frenemy to Edulretni – trying to take your attention for listening to them or taken captured and put on the gas chamber for being ignorant with no thanks but fuck you, right from Melbourne crew as the Gangsta-beats enjoying to gang-bang you ears, gave you run out of money and taken all your bitches and fancy cars under the rules of S.M.O.G ...