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The Low Key (Bandcamp 2010)

Alternative Indie Dance Electro blends within Punk Rock or Icelandic theory sounds made from Seattle, WA by these quartet off The Redwood Plan joyous but non-profit small world society consisting of Betty ST (drums), Lesli Wood (vocals, keyboards, guitars), Sydney Stolfus (guitars) and Larry Brady (bass guitars) having their Racing Towards The Heartbreak released as the music will felt down like they’re made as an anthem for everyone to kick-ass dancing like maniacs on the floor, the streets and abandoned landscapes which riveting those high-energy firing blasters beats and funky modern popular tracks but – again really not build for pure commercial purposes yet written within the messaging lyrics about more related social values and issues and problems as the group trying to find a solution that can giving more opportunities for their listeners to developed as better persons via Tension in The Seconds, For What It’s Worth, How The Game is Played and Movers Shakers Makers – providing not only smart music but also smart topics and clever moves on designing new steps reserved.

Racing Towards The Heartbreak: