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The Ice Sheet (Dusted Wax Kingdom 2010)

   As Tommy Marshall known as Marshall Artist made the English productions of Trip-Hop and Ambient side-project called Third Person Lurkin as you might decided to put your headphones and press play to the beginning of the finest moment where the journey through sounds begin and the silhouette of a mysterious person seeing to the open sky as he watching the real rare event of The Nameless City floating up there without a sound – watching the old world trembles while thus mixing Downtempo music, Electronic samples, noise extracts filled the silent atmosphere with slow beating pulse track-lists within Eon Dead Hallways, Churning Vapours, The Silver Key and many more questioning needs an answer about Cyclopean Pylons or A Potent Nimbus or Liquid Lights. You might sit down wondering or Float Awkward as Mountain Top Temples banging their giant bells; warning the surroundings that the judgement days are upon us and counting …