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The Day I Tried To Live (Tribute Sound 2006)

   Take your time to remembering one of the best bands out of Seattle Sound and of course, called as the Godfather of Grunge – Soundgarden and whether it’s about their doomy magic distorted noise crusher led by guitarist Kim Thayil or drummer Matt Cameron to the leading role on vocalist Chris Cornell screaming over four range vocals in high-tones then, you should be proud to know them or knew their music which seems to be brilliant and never lasted. This Various Artists compilations of Black Days: the Midwest Movement Tribute to Soundgarden that covers most of these finest Thrash-Core pioneer’s infamous tracks must be too damn good to be true but it is and like it or not – the world might mourns with these songs praying for a better solution in between or just cranking thus mighty riffs like the mixing of Sabbath, Southern, Hardcore-Punk to Heavy Metal to the next level as an admiration and celebrates equality in independent of Rock Music forms reaching its best level over the decade of the amazing nineties era. Names taking parts here perhaps, some of those strange that you never heard before but a must as Destrophy opening with the radio hits Black Hole Sun to Johnnyrook’s ballad meister on Blow Up the Outside World as well as Fell on Black Days in total depression did a lot by Dayfeed or Casanatra exploding out for Rusty Cage in their most aggressive systematic mode; everyone will see that the name of Soundgarden shall live forever roaring longer than other Seattle Sound heroes in every rockers true catalogs !