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The Adversary (High Roller Records 2008)

   Must be a fanatic damned good disciples from Kristianstad not for sharing the love of god in general but thus blasphemous trickster songs made by the band of Heavy Metal-heads named Portrait; taken their thicker influences from the infamous Mercyful Fate or King Diamond’s works and life-style attitude and make them their own. With the high-pitched vocalist Phillip Svennefelt to the double guitar-heads Richard Lagergren and Christian Lindell, the bass player D. Slaughter and Anders Persson behind the grimace thundering plays on the drum sets, hailing their releasing debut record under the self-titled same name like the group and easily shall devastating the entire ears around your living room while these tracks cranking loud and dangerous – such as Village of The Fallen, Bow Unto The Devil, Beware The Demons and A Ghastly Silence would do good for converting your family to Satanism in quite slower timing exploration for the much blasphemous arts in the process through this demonic literature products.