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Testicular Wong-Tong (Self-Released 2017)

This is not a new album but a re-pressing format from the previous debut recording of this one-man Gore-Grind Porn project named Spermswamp which actually a mindset terror-sounding maker forming by this sicker man called Benoit Lavalle that is more brutal with professional mastering sections and new glossy front cover artworks showing how tortured that woman really is by the sex-robot in a secret labs as there’s nobody would helping her escaping the facility territory any longer. Being a sex slave and experimental subject might not contemporary easy and entertaining when you are forcing from being yourself and wanted nothing but running away instead trapped here and raped with nameless or numerous torturing methods for a week may becoming the real story about this recording purpose on If Abortion is A Murder, Masturbation is A Genocide; with thus erotic sighs, women screams and plenty ideas to creating this sicken-Gore Grinding Porn plan to your next door neighbor girl or your stupid female boss or just a stripper you met in a dirty club or such. The Classic extremity of fast drumming machine to the excessive guitar blitz means sonic death as the critical beats barealy would giving your mom an awesome jack-pot vomits after having sex with the pool cleaner boy as you intending to blast this junk-recording louder at home on a calm Saturday midday. A Penis in Slavery, Genital Burger, Raped with a Cell Phone while A Long-Distance Call with Your Uncle to Teen Virginity taking with a Chainsaw or Rave-Girl is Sexually Abused while She’s on X-Tacy and many more extra materials gory and extreme enough to entertaining thus psychotic minds out there with this compilation release.