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Tennis Diving Suit (Whosbrain Records 2012)

An Italian Noise-Rock having their name – The Glad Husbands for releasing this recording of God Bless The Stormy Weather using these seven tracks here with the band’s rational music playing louder within Punk attitude by the trio of Alberto Calandri (bass, guitars), Stefano Ghigliano (drums) and Alberto Cornero (guitars, bass) from Bene Vagienna with buzzing pride. The power-chords and Garage Rock’s cracking sounds as the melodic six strings erupts beyond the possibilities of freedom music you would imagine yet but The Glad husbands really nailing it towards themselves showing efforts that the surrounding of Italo’s Rock scene should pay more attentions on We Doctors and Coffee Dealers, Falling Ventilators, Her First Big Machete or The Day He Made Up His Mind and A Nightlife Technician shall hits the truth like the shit hits the fan. 

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