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Temper Grain (Bandcamp 2013)


   Closer onto similarity energy proudly exploded from the likes of Phil Anselmo while still fronting Pantera to the craving mixed off Southern Metal and pure Thrash Metal out of new Orleans – means Townsville City, Australia as the land down under already well-known for its unique and venomous or dangerous animal species in the world where more than hundred snakes species living there in between thus dry-barrenland to the conniver forests as well as the tropical weather or the colder sides of the continent which giving us the resulting minimum wages for a maximum rooted of both Rock and Heavy Metal development background for the Aussie to evolves just like these mighty rockers calling themselves Ghosts of Black River as the four-piece local metal-heads bring back our favorite groovy rawks attitude essentially promising as you shall becoming interested to the recording try-out on Rollin’ with The Devil performs by Joel “Whitey” Sheeran, Rob “Captain” Donaldson the bassist, Jason Hills on shredding department and Ryan “Giezy” Giezendanner would gladly filling-up the empty slots left by Pantera inside every fanatic fans over there with this grand furious ensemble of Aussie’s prototype of Southern Metal here within those anthem songs like Second to None, Damaged and Dead Mans Hand.

Raise your infinite horns for the heavy riffs !