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Teenage Warning (Vulture Rock Records 1995)

Don’t know if they’re faking their Oi Music or not but then you saw the lyrics written by this New York City band themselves introduced as The Templars quartet which consisting of Phil Rigaud, Carl Fritscher, Don Gurle with some additional members later on comes and go as the simple music based on Rock N’ Roll to Punk-Pop and Standard Rock Music which exhaling the soar-throat vocals and melodic anthems like army-style collaborations of semi-Hardcore-punk but dominates by Pop-Rock mostly – blaring high over your music player where tomorrow belongs to you and me might sounded like a right-winged lyrics session but anyway – you might loving the artworks of the front cover of this compilations album of singles from The Templars: Clockwork Orange Horror Show. Either six to seven tracks collectively put here inside the recording; you  will be relieved that with some additional black-skinned band members joining them; these Oi rockers proudly said that they’re not a racist group nor Boneheads even when the separatist’s lyrics protests like Doing The Dirty, You’d Better Beware or Leaders of Tomorrow tickles your mind about how closed this ideas to the National Fronts or US First choreography camouflaging as Punk Rock.  

Clockwork Orange Horror Show: