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Tal Como Soy (Escarabajo Records 2007)


   Naming their band within a Japanese word with the meaning of Saiko or (whether) Serene Child and the slang for awesome or best as these Chilean Pop-rockers coming to the surface Pop world with a slight charisma as the respectable popularity risen for the musical talents of its band members: female vocalist Denisse Malebran, keyboardist Rodrigo Aboitiz, bassist Luciano Rojas or Ivan Delgado whose mixing the energetic and modern Synth-Pop as larger as the Chilean national music scene as the group releasing several Spanish albums – like the example of their fourth recording release through Volar (body anatomy related to the surface of hands or feet in general) that consisting of mostly top-forty influenced basic tunes which sounding easy-listening and shall attracting more ears to come and trying to know them even further as planned. Simplicity meets the harmony mellow and sometimes standard fasten tempos of Funky-Pop and Indie Rock as the alternative for people whom wanted to find something not too dark or too heavy but still can make you sweaty as like there where you found Valor album.
   De Boca en Boca, Vuelve a Amanecer, Tientame, Tu Simple Sabor or No Vas a Verme Mal would be sounding like a short-cut lost tape of the different side of Shakira in Indie-Rock camouflaging appearance.