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Synaptic Disconnection (Unique Leader Records 2016)

   Praising the Death-core anthem of your new millennium freaking worldwide spreading panic on the news or hoax news or even a split-seconds conversations led to a terrible fights and thus greedy infections made well breeding by the giant corporations to keep the economy stable by sacrificing more third world countries and under developed poor nations around this sick planet that perhaps, having a shape like a flat plate. Beware the heretic messages by the truth self-inflicted written lyrics and explosive aggression music made by the Independence, Missouri Death Metal product band: The Roman Holiday - as these metal-heads changing it from the previous before. Releasing this enormous mixing of extremity and possible brutal gaining violent themes subtracting the maximize efforts with tempos and excellent techniques for a small recognitions towards the members – bassist Craig Breunger, drummer Jordan Plumer, guitar-demons Dalton Harper and Will Garside and lead vocalist Brent Turnbow recording this debut album called The Demonization as showing how the annihilated destructions led by the ego and greed of men turning up the green planet into torturous hellish place with experimenting monstrous creatures crawling to feast on humanity as well as the killing zone where millions rotten bodies piled-up and producing the worst pollutions ever made to poisoning the globe that already raped by the richest and the powerful secret society in order to civilized the decades of mankind progress wiping all the natural resources out. Listen to them in loud fucking blast: Trainwreck, The Sentinel’s Order, James’ Penis (Lyseria), Ream Dream and Humanity Laid to Rest. 

Then kill yourself and your beloved ones with no more regret !

The Demonization: