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Sura 9 (Unmerciful Death Productions 2013)

   The doubt of threats are real but senseless for these traditional quartet of blasphemous Black Metal from Iraq/Mesopotamia area that truly showing the visible hatred and admirations with no hesitation about their mocking lyrics and Extreme art on making a Classic Black Metal music within this releasing full studio album under the harassing title – Anti Quran Rituals as most of the metal music media and magazines claimed that the band actually is a hoax but not the inside artworks and sounds blasting brutally is not real but anyway whether Seeds of Iblis that consisting of the anti-Islam four metallers with female fronted blasphemer figure of vocalist/bassist Anahita to the shedders faction off Mohammad and Epona with the completed drummer Jebrael whom also doing the backing vocals for the band. As the front cover showing the face of a moslem woman behind the veil with plenty Arabic calligraphic signing onto a path of liberations – free from thus chained holy book and hierarchy of Islam which covering much lies to its followers as one can searching the roots of this religious beliefs through the historic ages of Pagan Arab heritage as well as being distorted and disturbs by the relentless immortal proof shown there on the track-listings which not just monotonously extreme and brutal but Seeds of Iblis got their own version to tell the audiences about the truth or the hoax which depends on your own interpretations for Qamar (Islamic Lies pt.1), 72 Virgins about the jihadist beliefs after doing their best fought for the glory of Islam, Behind The Horns of Allah to The Prophecy of Rape or Islamophobia that progressively would come beyond your wildest expectation as proven – led the holy wars once again to happens on our world, one last time before the downfall of them.