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Supermarket Kill (Bandcamp 2015)

Just Puke Already, You’ll Feel Better ! would be like bunch of local Punk-rockers screaming out like a real deal cat-burglars while piercing their own live music instruments better than Sid Vicious playing with thus D.I.Y punches and hooks on three chords riff-age as the drumming seems to be sounded never stops and the bass-line did pretty well but fortunately, everyone on the band may seemingly intoxicated while doing their performance or just too angry to control their adrenaline and libido that’s why you will feel that this recording from Electric Puke – Joey (guitars/vocals), Gnat (drums) and Harry (bass/vocals) actually – too damn raw and not polished which every single Punk-rockers really wanted to do to their recording release just like this ! Laugh as loud as you wanted but just remember that the band – they’d not caring much or less for that. Coming from West Chester – Pennsylvania with fury roaring energy to get drunk and snooty attitudes that will giving your old folks a silent lobotomy when listening to them by accident. Hardcore Punk, Street Rock or Slamming Nerdy Music – you name it as you may wanted to but guess what  - seven tracks of angry youth policy against the society of the global modern world will always right; Genocide, Orphanage, Space Porn or Couchlock will definitely Blow It Out Your Ass if you decided for not liking them. 

Fuck You too as well !