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Strickerquitter (Bandcamp 2008)

   Also suitable for perhaps, sound-tracking thus adventurous movies showing the blends between melodies and natural views on spotting your where-about as one decided to runaway from all those crowded streets or busy friends’ life by singing Folk-Pop and Indie Rock and written much more songs like The Crime, Salty Tears, A Preacher is Preaching  for finding Easy Out from The World is on Fire – written, performed and arranged by Tristen Gaspadarek:  a ghetto beasty kitty girl with dark hair and red lips trying to shares her experiences and wiser lyrics under the influences of Alternative Rock and Folk-Pop on her releasing record  - Teardrop and Lollipops as the listeners could expressing themselves to catch the glimpse of this technical baby turned herself to queen. 
So, whether you’re standing on an empty bungalow, finishing some of their songs on this album; Tristen didn’t quite surrender even then outsiders came and taken the last pride of the people to leave their works or activities as the Nashville, Tennessee putting her trust or intuitions that some of her works actually, can saving the places surrounding her before the sun turning dim or the drawings interpreted that if you combines the harmonies of an acoustic with crispy girl vocals that might suitable for giving her works to be a good animation products. 
Wear your white shirt on but you can leave the underwear behind – turn of the room’s light and listen to her Folk musical messages very carefully.