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Streets Won't Let Chill (Mello Music Group 2010)


   By pressing the switch is it then – everything would change a bit or what ? To answering that question you need to go finding the collective approves from the right direction spot and for this time just try to listen on how the Detroit, MI’s latest Hip-Hop/should-be famous-later Rapper  Erik Vincent Stephens a.k.a Apollo Brown for not only a lyrics messenger but also a respective producer that also performed with such Rap-groups like The Left or Ugly Heroes. Mean not only a war of words protesting business but higher educating as spiritually, spreading more peace rather than violence towards his creations along the singles, remixes and recordings like this particular one on The Reset. Press the red button and hit fast like the boom-box rhythms promising no lies as the exploitations commenced almost every minutes while the world seems didn’t care about the yells and put on the headphones while somebody needs our helps on the nearest parts of our global community as we stand like a loner pro-lifer as such thus standard beats for a good Hip-Hop blending with Soul, Rn’B, conscious minds telepathy Rap Music and Black spirits for making the world a better place for everyone may caught directly via those awesome tracks on The Reset like Lower The Boom, Beauty of a Day, Brag Language (feat. Buff1 & Magestik Legend), Balance (feat. Kenn Starr & Jon Robinson) to Real Detroit (feat. MarvWon RMX) or Brainwash (feat. yU,Grap Luva & Finale) and Seasons (feat. Stik Figa); practically – should touching your inner circle of humanity for caring and the answers you might find here aren’t written but raising from your own souls inside, my friends …

The Reset: