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Stitch Witch (Bandcamp 2017)

Newest off New Bradford, Massachusetts lament Doomy Stoner Metal and Bluesy blending team called High N’ Heavy with the line-up: Kris Fortin (vocals), John Steele (guitars), Mike Dudley (bass) and Nick Perrone (drums) and war horn(ist) Daniel Honrblower mixing the Sabbath riffs, more Blues-Rock, Hard Rock and Skater music sounds into one fantastic independent album calling - From The Flame and carries eight potential tracks of brutal Rock N’ Roll beats with Doomster ingredients through sore vocals, amazing riffs and great tempos bursting the songs of Vengeance, Spill Some Blood, Sex Potions Rock N’ Roll and many more killers for you to live in head-banging cruel heaven ...

Hail 'Em !

From The Flames: