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Star Beast (Bandcamp 2013)

   From the land of Eau Claire – Wisconsin comes the Grungy bastards trio that didn’t fucking care about your hair because they’re playing the louder songs in fucking loud noises and of course, these rock-heads do really can make your parents scared while cranking the horrible music which can be describing as a terrible mix between retarded Punk-Rock, Silly Hardcore and psychotic Death Metal but mostly – kicking the sound system as the bursting tracks came out like a TNT explosion and disturbing the rest of your neighborhood for the releasing of this Self-Medicate which actually isn’t what you think it might be. Self-sufficient and Grungy pranks blown out like Nirvana on too much dosage of heroin as the noisy performance from Brent, Mikey and John won’t be as rocking classic as Kurt and co. but worser as possible as you can capturing them all via Cringe Binge, Drudge, Baptized in Blue or Slip on Dress. 

Nothing quite definitive to be “normal” inside the resting fusion of Alternative Prankster-Rock generations.