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Stalks Husk (Ubiquilty 2016)

A Santa Ana – CA's native musician and music producer as the latest offering to the world of modern music fresh from the oven; meet Evan Geesman as our ears would capturing those influences of many legendary names in great music as this guy likes as favorites such as Wu-Tang Clan, Mahavishnu Orchestra to Apex Twin among the honest truth about Evan whose giving us not only the weirdy tones of musical performance but also some of the best acoustic-tinged compositions which written by himself through the album of Coils that carries courageous intentions via various beats, live music and magical samples brought to the real global planet of the citizens by Evan Geesman on this album. 
The precaution between peaceful feelings and wiser words of your World Music characters might getting clear showing through Take A Chance, Rainmaker, Beast and Sleeptalking. You might get lost after hearing several songs here and need someone to showing you the exact back home path then …