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Spudboy Passage (Bandcamp 2016)

   The re-releasing of this old materials of the first album of these Regina, Saskatchewan’s Rock N’ Roll machine Punk-Rock band – (The) Extroverts through several best cuts from their repertoir since 1979 and beyond within this recording: Supple as they’re re-emerged again since 2009. Meet the fashionable trendy Pop-Punk and fast tempo rockers of Extroverts Brent Caron (vocals), Eddie Lester (guitars), Grant McDonald (bass) and Hap Hazard (drums) sounding harder than ever for a pioneering group that playing catchy tones, three chords simplicity and mixed themed lyrics from New York Circles, Pretty Fascist, Disco Disaster to Marilyn Monroe’s Eyes. 
You would love to having them on your stereo in medium volumes rocks the Hysteria Night out !!! 

(The) Extroverts' Supple: