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Speedbreaker (Transcending Obscurity Distribution 2015)


   Visakhapatnam - Andhra Pradesh also wants the world of Heavy Metal to know that this region also can giving their offering to establish the national Metal interests of India scene and genre of this type of music which already rooted deeper within these rockers uniting under the group’s name of Against Evil that consisting of drummer Noble John, Shasank Venkat the lead guitarist, M. Sravan Chakravarthi the lead vocalist and rhythm guitars to Siri Sri on bass guitar and vocals recording the production of their releasing e.p album entitled Fatal Assault which collaborating the real threat combinations off Prog-metal by great techniques, Thrash Metal speeds and Heavy Metal attitudes that deserving your attentions right away. Within six tracks recorded here; one shall then listening to prove that these Indian Metal-heads can really put the variations of how they wanted to rocking the nations wider using the promising talents as the efforts displaying in a loud sound as you wanted to.   Wings of Steel, Bulletproof, The Enemy Within and Battle Call are some songs you shall craving harder because they’re fucking awesome !

PS. Alterbridge, Slash, Iron Maiden, Modern Nu-Metal and well-productions fans are really welcome.

Fatal Assault: