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Somniferum (Notebook Records 2013)

   Japanese beauty but not according to Pop-music cultural heritage because the sleazy nutty and dreadful high-speed chasing Electronic/Dance artist - Aikapin should be one of the notorious semi-underground musicians coming out of the land of eastern sun; committed to Trance beats and total speeds as Envy turned out to be her latest and debut recording followed by the raiding of Japanese Underground music scene by Industrial/Trance/Break-beats which bring chaos into the J-Pop nation and ready to destroying Tokyo into ashes and built a new and powerful Dance-Electro capital of the world on it as supported by the attacks of these scary songs of Heavenly (Alkapin feat.DJ SHC Crew), Marionette Soldier (feat. DJ Myosuke) to Dream Drop Down (feat. DJ Shimamura) and Faded Rose to Grimm known back there as a remix contest winner track which making Aikapin’s Envy a non-English lyrics album that worth to be listening especially for thus whom liking Hardcore-Dance, Gabber, Speedcore or Electro J-core. Fast and deadly and fucking noisy !