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Smells Like Surgery (SquidHat Records 2016)

Reissuing this record with a smiley fast Punk-Rock meets Hardcore-Skater Pop or something more sinister in their sounds; The Quitters – Dan and Dave Snyder, Keith Parkins and Rob Filardo could raise your interest for listening to what they wanted to tell via Rock N’ Roll Punk noise. Crazy drumming, three chords riff-age and straight forward vocals still collectively sounded promising and this No Big Deal album simply celebrating the failure themed of moon landing by the US government’s aerospace organization and the rest of humanity with four apes dressing-up as astronaut while the earth blown by nuclear explosion. Harsh and melodic; you can dig every single tracks highlighted right there like Code Red, Dr. Crash, Leave Your Home, Gated Community to Armageddon Outta Here which isn’t our average Gulf Coast Beach Party at all for a Joker playing tricks on the planet that needs Punk Rock to gain its independent back ! 

No Big Deal: