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Sing Fat Travis Sing (Chrysalis 1993)

   As the founders of this London-based Alternative Rock band with a long name-like continuously a title of bachelor in Rock scene over UK soil, Jim Bob Morrison (vocals) and Les Fruitbat Carter (guitars) intensively performing their form of unique Indie Rock and Pop sensibility over the entire years when the band is complete by line-up and recording many releases as the precise price of recognitions being paid as well the public of Britain slowly liking them after infamously known for the semi-notorious shows and sarcastic lyrics written by them as the greater album debut - Post Historic Monsters were released on the brink of thus early nineties  by the group (completed with drummer Wez); a roaring T-Rex head on the front cover might gets your attention for seeing this display of album on the music store long time ago. Crashing course of puritans messy melodic on Punk attitudes mixed with the enormous elements off other music force like Heavy Metal, Hard Rock to Jangle-Pop which temporary can sizzled up with best of taste for those whom loving the standard mixture and measurements as the title-songs also artistically would making one smile or think while reading them – Mid Day Crisis, Stuff The Jubilee!, Spoilsports Personality of The Year to Suicide isn’t Painless, Under The Thumb and Over The Moon or The Music that Nobody Likes. 

Just like how on earth if there’s already Indie-Pop Rock; 2 Million Years B.C …  

Post History Monsters: