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Simurgs Collaps (Not On Label 2011)

   Migrated from their native country of motherland on Ankara – Turkey to Dusseldorf in Germany as a consequence for being straightly move-on for a better future viewing the band’s Industrial Metal needs a good place to grow and develops much better than just a stagnant presence days back to hold tight; putting the spot where Seth.ECT duet members: Mert Tartac the guitarist and bass player or Aybars Altay the vocalist and synthesizers whose keeping their writing activities continued over the advance materials of more Extreme and Anti-Social Metal Music which having the real taste of Electro-Death Metal or Modern Hardcore-Techno within it as the collective works of these mysterious Metal-heads from the Bosphorus Straits – now one of the German Extreme Metal groups; by addition of the guitarist Murat Alkan and Izmael (guitars, orchestrations) releasing this debut full studio album entitled Godspeak which closely talking about most of the dark themes from esotericism, mythology and occultism divided into these eleven semi-blasphemous tracks of Electro-Extremity combinations as the various beats and bursting explosions comes and go towards the expanding eruptions on total screaming vocals or the thumping stomps Industrial verses via Fro Se7en Years, B.L.A.S.T, The Hollow Earth, Orison, Heart Beat and Earth Rise to Keops; delivering the taste of most destruction thoughts started somewhere to the finish as the line blurred by the essential modern technology that have made not for saving humanity but replacing the creator.