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Silence Outro (Narbentage Produktionen 2016)

Marks as Mr. Paha Henki ultimate dark-devotions for blasphemous lyrics and satanic force proudly presented here as the mini album releasing by the alias project of the Black Metal, ambient, depressive and suicidal Extreme raw noises breaks through this violent figure of one man-band called Per La Lumon on Self-Tortured Solitude. The opening seven minutes slamming, smashing and disturbing tracks just being continued by the following extremity mystical of Sterbend’s song off Depressing Paths Through Fullmoon Forests that leaving you in a type of nearly-demon possession by the haunting vocals or the brutal metallic sounds available there from the dark-side as the dedication to one of his fallen friends – Percy Bysshe Shelley among others on committing suicide. Such a productive in fully negativity recording extreme artists as your example about how dangerous Black Metal arts can really become - provided by Paha Henki Productions.