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Shakedown Decide (Bandcamp 2006)

Mutual Dallas old friends meet each other again while introducing another good friend and that’s when the fans and career musician get together in a group called The Sheers; an Americana Alternative Rock and Power-Pop of LA trio Luke Adams (vocals and drums), Bill Shupp (vocals and bass) and Danny De La Matyr within mostly, influences mid-tempo soft rock to the listen-able McCartney-esques Pop sensibility culminating collaborations between Pop-Crafted and painted sonic splash entirely – hopefully, would be another timeless classics. 
Goodbye World brings the fresh sounds of collage photography for this recording  percentages within alter-ego faces of Pop-Rock infiltrator and sweeter Jangly melodies over Seasons, It is What it is, You’re Just Lonely, Take That to Nothing against Her. 
There’s Something Wrong to Cover Me Up as songs that you’ve playing on the stereo, good to buy or download to your collections, friends. 

Goodbye World: