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Sestri Levante Lava (Vinyl Junkie Recordings 2009)


   Sounded horrific, fun, crossing-over noises to thus adding of madness valuable for anyone to getting themselves free to decided whether they wanted to be normal or not at all. No thanks for Fake Shark Real Zombie that consisting of the insane musicians like Kevvy Mental, Louise Wu, Tony Dallas and Miles Chic whose combining their likes for Emo-Rock, Punk Hardcore, Thrash-Funk to Electro-blasters beats and live musical instruments where the screamo vocals won’t be sounded as a ruin but more to the next steps from thus legacy left behind by Mike Patton or System of A Down as the standard of soft distorted techniques from Muse respectively mixed like insane cookies as well; through the band’s second efforts release – Meeting People is Terrible as an honest statement to spit-out to the world about on how most human acts and treating others like crap because the life itself already turning to one.
   The rage, the alienated, the marginalized feelings to the phobic of everything summon-up here for these oddity crazed tracks like Angel Lust, Avril Kadaver, Six Sick Suck, Siamese Disease and Horses in Heaven – probably, the good examples on how the future of humanity looks really rocky chaotic as the lost of hope really gone with its key ! 

Meeting People is Terrible: