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Sensation Plus Hidden (Bandcamp 2014)

   A wilder Punk-Garage Thrashy Grunge band led by female fronted (even) bewilder than just the attitudes and the music combined as these Kingston – NY trio of Lara Hope (bass, vocals), Danny Mark Asis (guitars) and Rev. Kev (drums) as being sexy and sleazy aren’t just good enough – you need a good kicking and punchy tunes and attractive sounds just like what Tiger Piss trying to do here for themselves while writing songs and self-written artistic bangs for releasing the recording Shake It, Don’t Fake It really capturing the meanings of being true to yourself and the music type that you loved the most. Lashing the shaken reality of man’s territory as an outlaw gender heroine-fronted; Tiger Piss might be turning as tigress led army and bring their Punk-Pop raw Rock N’ Roll to undertaking every opposing egos to their knees through Vagina Town, Calculating Gas Mileage for Shlomo or Control Freak to The Pancake Song sounding intense, rhythmic and sensual with the good vocals and geeky music moving the hot pair of legs.

Shake It, Don't Fake It: