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Segue Leet (Conspiracy Records 2010)

Please, get your stereo louder in normal volume while you’re ready to head-banging or destroys your own living room preparations before one decided to put on this product off the independent acts of Noisy Metal or Death-Progressive sounds from Geneva. Switzerland by Knut – such a simple name without simplicity but technical decompression of devastation using live ammo-music by an Extreme Metal band drilling the entire brain-wall with holes and set the detonations as it blows chaotically into pieces by vocalist Didier Severin or Christian Valleise (guitars) or drummer Roderic Mounir. Wonder perhaps, is a kind of releasing that mixing most of thus extremity and crushing music like the bends between Math-Rock, Hardcore Metal to Grind-core for ruling the underground scene abusing us with Ultralight Backpacking, Fast Forward Bastards and If We Can’t Fly We’ll Take The Boat.