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Salmesang Prest Og Pest (Aftermath Music 2015)

You know that Oslo, Norway and the rest of the Northern Viking country produced millions of Black Metal bands achieving highest ranks for building the scene bigger than ever like it is until now – one of them can be mentioned here and like the number of triple sixes, comes Djevel – a frightening group consisting of Erlend Hjelvik, Lloyd Hektoen and Trond Ciekals with some additional members blasting their Classic Occult standard form of Traditional Black Metal symphony in angst as the misty reign and chanting spells whispered and the bursting faith to destructions and death erupts fast and deadly but still can inspiring the listeners to go out and burn a church in the dawning of Sunday. Through the recording release of the band’s third full album emerges Saa Raa Og Kald (So Raw and Cold) as exactly darkened your pathetic days into night and as the cursing lyrics and the glorification of evil wins above religious ignorant; Djevel incoming shall be one of the time to awaits. 
Vaar Forbanneede Jord, Hode og Hals I Doedsvals or De Som Hadde Onde Oenyne will be prestigious demands that cannot be stop from being free as they told you never give up or surrender until the last churches burnt to the ground.