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Salamander (Spin The Black Circle 2016)

   Germans with heavy Punk-Hardcore attitudes might getting you awake already like an alert warning sign within the chosen funny name from an old classic game we knew as Pacman; these Hannover troops consisting of many rockers – that’s why no wonder we need to calling them as Rock-troops; bassist Andre Schiller, Steffen Jaksztat the guitarist, vocalist Niklas Pfeil to more members like Maya Stockmann (horns), Edward Paffenholz or Jorn Hendrik Schliep doing the drumming harshly grooving in by their variable Prog-Rock meets Punk Rock mayhem on this album Der Blanke Hans which not only telling us the story around this character they choose as the lucky bastard name Hans which remains good even when the lyrics are written in Germans. Listen to those tracks of quite progressive in sounds like Schmalhans, Deiwel, Hunde, Zett and Brackwasser; elusively perhaps – talks about how this Hans living his live story this week and he might be you …

Der Blanke Hans: