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Sail Guilty Filthy (Red Bull Records 2011)

Aaron Bruno leaving his previous bands out and built something new and solid not only in the music structure but also the more characterized patrons which fit for any occasional purpose and nobody knows what is it going to be until Awolnation formed and spreading a bit jealousy among other West Hollywood groups and music scene that (yet) another cross-over band which combining Modern Rock, Electronic, Synth-Pop to EDM beats comes and constructively trying to destroy the less-stable music stepping ground there. But fear not because Awolnation which also consisting of names like Christopher Thorn, David Amezcua, Hayden Scott to Kenny Carkeet and Zach Irons truly creative and fresh – they’re making thus mixing sounds that brings the late 90’s era colliding with the past new millennium trends with today’s demanding conscious music beats which needed a dynamic movement or motivations and through the first album from them – Megalithic Symphony, the blending of Arena Rock, Funk, Soul, Power Pop and Electro-beats attached to one another and sounds amazing to your ears. Some Sort of Creature. Soul Wars, Jump on My Shoulders, My Nightmare’s Dream, Knights of Shame to Not Your Fault – all seems to be entertaining now ! 

Megalithic Symphony: