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Rowan Original Mix (Felt Doll Records 2010)

As Snow breeze particles shown up through the misty winds or cold air that day, it’s obvious that our time has already changing faster once again like yesterdays turning to tomorrow without we can even touch them in a quite long as the tick-tock knocks on the forest marking the entire story played by this recording session of a duet of The Felt Dolls: Rebecca Rainsford and Kirsty Hawkshaw surrounding themselves with thus melodies of Folk songs acoustic likes its almost the end of the year again recaptured due these solemn softener tracks of praising nature and communicates with the goddesses; leaving the audience breathless as the children would also loved to listening to this record. 
As Listen To The Hush may not only suitable for occasional winter solstice but eventually those warmer tracks like Rainbow, Clouds, Moths in The Moonlight and Frozen The Pond might authentically talking about how climate changes nowadays – erasing the sacred lines that used to be never broken.

Listen to The Hush: