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Ritz Bitz (1320 Records 2013)

   The enthusiastic music-writer, producer and Electronic instrumentalist John Hastings has given one of his best efforts via the releasing record towards Mystic Wonders album where you might finding thus experimental Funky breaks of Hip-Hop beats measurement shall entertaining those audiences whom listening to this magnificent simple but powerful Electronic music recording under the moniker name of Rumtum and just like the front cover artworks that combining the magic of Aztec or Inca from the Meso-America within the fresh flowers there as a delicate banquet also sending the images about how Rumtum’s sounds really can make you dreaming in fully hallucinations through the elemental samples or noises intact within the track-lists like the native-based Worldvibz, GoodLove, Midlate Patterns or When onto Zon River; All Over The Map as the journey crossing many places and unique variety of Earthly things as reacting like the prospect products by the guy with talents and the rest of his instrument equipment can provide the beats to show you how to breathing like a dance. 

Mystic Wonders: