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Ring Ring (Camobear Records 2005)

   The blending mix of Hip-Hop, Funk, Alternative Rock and Dub-Pop maybe can easily sell to the public but the way you mixing them pretty well which concludes the good song writings, lyrics distributions as positive messages, clever beats and remixes to making others moving their body unstoppable really can be listed through these musical project of The Chicharones formed by the duo of Vancouver’s Josh Martinez and Sleep as being influenced by the Old Skool of Rap Music to Hip-Hop of the early nineties as well as the Black Music and Latino rhythms in general providing them an entire wide spacing of basic variety in trendy music mixing for absolute great recording materials which finally sees as a record released on this first debut – When Pigs Fly. Ludicrous times and rhythmical lyrics flowing straight in continuity providing the access to you on demanding good beats or learn about new issues happening surround the group’s urban environmental town as the music comes booming – professionally controllable with the burst of automatic Soul/Funk/Hip-Hop brilliant tempos and the Latino atmosphere thicker blends through the songs of various tones available on Breaking Point, Fiesta (featuring Zelly Rock), Surf Rock, Pork Rind Discotheque or Little By Little (Nba21k11) are awesomely fits for the days of street-parades and holiday inn outdoor family gatherings before safely arrived on the land of pork-chops.

When Pigs Fly: