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Riding Hunting (Not On Label 2015)


   If you’re into the blasphemous Thrashing fast Metal music that exploding the entire surroundings into ashes and fire; you’ve come to pick a right band – for the likes on Six Feet Under, Venom or Agressor; we got these infamous old school Thrash Metal group Witches led by the dangerous female singer/guitarist Sibylle Colin-Tocquaine attacking the “normal society” as the religious believers on The Hunt; as the rest of the band members bassist Olivier Herol, guitarist Lienj and drummer Sangli doing the aggressive tormentor missions on rising back the awakening goddess of destruction as the occults magic regains their supernatural powers within the blasting back-fire metallic Thrash claws sharp enough to tearing your guts apart once you listening to this record. From Antibes, Southern France underground music scene – these perfect and excellent mixing of Speed Metal, Death Metal and Thrash providing you the best destructive themes and occult’s finest anthems over the six tracks of dangerous and poisoning fast riffs, slicing melodies and brutal beats through No Matter if The Wind… or Jump With Fright or So Cold coming like the creatures from hellish dimension of the opening portal near the woods not far from your place in wrath looking to take your beloved pity soul !

The Hunt: