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Riders of Canymede (Hypnotic Records 1995)

   Among gases and other floating materials up there on the atmosphere as the border-line between the inhabitable and the outer space making limits – grab your chance to matching this serving sounds of the mixed instrumentals noise which creates rapidly in motions by the project of Progressive World Music and Electronic-Folk for the universal beings and other worlds connection through Spiral Realms; creatively has been the performance of the duo: Simon House and Len Del Rio. Non-pressures tension and the ejecting out and up in total void experiences can really felt closely like it’s yourself in suits crossing the limitless ocean of time, lights and nothingness altogether by Parsecs, Cysyrgy or within Sands of Mars all the way using the boosts musical instrumentals performance recorded onto Crystal Jungle of Eos - where there’s no more imaginative inter-galactic travelling that can’t be made.