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Revert Insert (Visible Noise 2001)

   Liverpool, Merseyside – UK’s lesser-known Nu Metal crew consisting of these five-piece rockers from Nic Whitmore the vocalist, drummer Simon Atkinson (aka Tiger Si) as the power-edging shredding riffs provides the insane ears wanted thus Rap-Core tempos held higher or beating up while the bass-line crossing on most everything not just as rhythmic keepers on majority of One; Number One Son may also get their influences from whether Papa Roach or Motley Crue by comparison and it shows to many audiences that the band actually, having the good prospects within the music blasts but perhaps, the trends really not in the mood for that kind of “next big thing” anymore right now. 

   Twelve songs and the hammerhead swum around but did taken less noticing as the loud tracks like Hourglass, Contrasts, Signature, Becoming or Not Me – seems to be sounded like a standard smoothie juice on rocks.

* Still They're rocks out for the left behind of Emo-Rock's scene-learner, though !

Majority of One: