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Effellohdoubleu (Off Beat Production 2002)


Kristian Powlowski creates his own creative world of music through this project of a various mixing between Hip-Hop, Rap Music, Rn'B, Soul to Indie-Pop and Electronic noises within the baptizing figure on Kay The Aquanaut forcing the effective excess for thus nervous addictions on cool beats and flowing lyrics messenger through this first debut album - Solitude Savannah which crazily, filling most of your accomplishing dreams about how a white boy would dig deeper and making a hella-awesome recording like this one. Powerful groovy and essentially, harsh but clever within the greater opinions over the themed tracks licking wider and stabbing the right places on it's aiming policies above the imbalance law-suits or the rejections from other conservative white communities onto our Canadian-born rapper Kay The Aquanaut sending his messages in common language everybody would totally understands via Upside Downside Upside, Father's Idiom, The Jungle, Van Gooh Go, Abyss (featuring Devo-Tea), Took The Toll (featuring Factor) or Headphone Sactruary to Animal - shall giving the examples through the actions right inside the ignorant ears and the good kindness hearts to fighting the injustice or attaching unity or you might seeing next to what happens later if the poverty keeps reigning your urban area with above the law grips ...

Solitude Savannah: