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Represent Get Hurt (Clandestine Project/Filled With Hate 2009)

   The non-joker beats of mosh from Tokyo- Japan shall blasting your ears within their mixed crushing noises off the blending on Nu-Metal, Hip-Hop, blaster Electronic as well as Thrash, Death n’ Roll to extreme metallic pieces glued as one and made onto a record just like this debut album from Doggy Hoods five-piece band: Over Hyped, Over Hated that performs by these crazy maniac members – Pinkmosh (vocals), Wye Dee (guitars), Bones (guitars), Doc P (drums) and H8monger (bass) exploding your face and the stage with thus songs of power-raging anthem to ripped your guts immediately through March of Da Hypest Clan, Still Disgusting, Unseen Enemies, Raining Blood to Hate Us Now. Nothing can sounded destructive than the destructive minds itself as Doggy Hoods approve that they’re truly presenting the fucking "A" on this Beat-down Hardcore presence !

Over Hyped, Over Hated: