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Repellent Defiled (Sevared Records 2015)

   One could just injecting themselves with the high-dosage of Death Metal extremity attacks with the crusher listening test through the track like Wolves Emerging or Worthless Piles as the Thessaloniki, Greece Death Metal band Birth Through Gore emerges their existence of destructions and horrific themes via the releasing record of the group’s second full album on The Culmination Conquest. As there will be no attractions but devastation that one shall remains smashed or crushed underneath their music for the sick by the album; let the metallers extreme duet of Aggelos HSR (vocals) and Paschalis Tassioudis (guitars, bass, drum programming) reign your world of pathetic by making it flat and dead within the next chapter tracks like … To Shredded Flesh, Absolved of Sin, Revenge Incurable Cupid or Neither Damned nor Saved and let the last end story melts your world to nothing.  

The Culmination Conquest: