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Rebirth Scattered (Tankcrimes Records 2016)

Would be seemingly indestructible within the facts that this is just a preparation from a Crust Death Metal or Death N’ Roll formed in San Francisco – CA to tossing their accessible of excessive force through the compilation album The Labyrinth before releasing the real studio album next.
Instead, for the facts also that this compilation album only filled with some of those singles or demo tapes from Necrot – the majestic dangerous satanic band that consisting of Sonny Reinhardt, Chad Gailey to Luca Indrio as now resides in Oakland; the symbolic in front or the rest of thus track-listings inside may caution and kills your grandparents instantly ! Recorded by Jeff “ Leppard” Davis Greg Wilkinson – Necrot truly, won’t be hesitated to take any prisoners for this one and the next; they’re coming to conquering and slaying you pathetic maggots – so you fucking better head-banging or ended up skinned alive. 
Let’s go to the middle of the mosh-pit and jump higher to die soon as Contagious Pain, The End, Cycles of Pain or The Abyss and Consume Control bursts like a volcano eruption destroying the entire town underneath it with firing lava.

The Labyrinth: