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Read It Weep (Smog Veil Records 2002)

For the rise of Alternative Rock and modern Punk Rock the record that needs to re-recording and re-forming reminding about the intense time where Proto-Punk was born somewhere in the midst era of nineteen seventy four within the baptized name of your semi-legendary band called Rocket Form The Tombs with the personeel names like Buddy Akita, Craig Bell, David Thomas, Gary Siperko, John Madansky or Steve Mehlman and more of the members of it comes and gone just as a;most the same years most youngsters loving the way music rocks through MC5 or The Stooges as appearing as well to the mainstream but this one might particularly given something different rather than just riffing out and spitting protests through their lyrics because the materials made by them completely on this debut (live recording from Punk Ground Zero, Cleveland 1975) record – The Day The Earth Met The Rocket From The Tombs has refilling the charger by having a blending of extracted mix of Bluesy Rock, Distorting Stoner sounds, roughly Rock N’ Roll and one shall noticing the great melodic of progressions also intact within the band’s materials of music – so you’ll remember. The fast and the psychedelic verses around the radio hits Raw Power or So Cold to What Love Is, Life Stinks, Muckraker, 30 Second Over Tokyo and Satisfaction as well as the sarcastic classic number from Proto-Punk scene - Ain’t It Fun within all these nineteen tracks would be your historic proofs about how the revolution goes from a corn and simple matters to then several years later – explodes worldwide.