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Ratter Mad (Self-Released 2014)

Progressively creates the entire impossibility to possible when nobody seems wanted to make another mixing of perfection Heavy Metal Progressive Rock amounts by blending Classical Music with Heavy Metal and Hard Rock in permanent tempo of instrumental format but then here’s Zombie Frogs coming within its powerful materials which would blown your mind to miles up after having this recording release of Awaken plays on your stereo system at sundowning times where older people acting strange and dangerously threatened but as you keep going for more blasting musical experience with Zombie Frogs; no one will blaming your choices for making this one a good reactional recreations for another boring weekend nights in your oldie folks. The Boston – Massachusetts products that concentrate on being stable in order to giving the best materials without vocals accomplish to driving people mad while listening to it and of course, more Metal-heads would appreciate things like this to be released and distributes in expand as the cool artwork shall attracts you; the music itself (even there’s not much information about the group yet) relentlessly – aggressive and also entertaining as some Classics do to music lovers. The progressive melodies and almost perfect chords to the curving movements of Heavy Metal tones blaring free along with Potentially Broken Orange, Kamikaze Babushka or Awaken But Not Alive. 

The current line-up on this album are Sam Reti (guitars), Lucky Cerruti (guitars, bass), Andreas Etxeberra (keyboards) and James Knoerl (drums) – FYI !