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Rapuh (Aquarius Musikindo 2009)

Who said a former child singer can’t grows up to be a hotter mature woman ? as approved by this Jakarta born female singer and actress Agnes Monica also playing on Taiwanese TV series as well by releasing her third prestigious album of Pop-Rock/Electro/Hip-Hop and Rn’B/Dance variety music on Sacredly Agnezious if you can relate of how she sings sensually but dancing even more sexually for the super-stripped track listing that carries Indonesian lyrics (mostly) like Janji Janji, Godai Aku Lagi, Berlebihan or the English songs like Coz I Love You and Shake It Off. 
If you like music much and need more beats to move your body just pick this hot-damn girl while she (who arranged the music, the lyrics and the choreography dance by herself) still yummy by taste and creatively full of energy at this moment where everything seems to be easy to achieved in her hands like a coincidence as you will know later that she's internationally - really sells ... 

Sacredly Agnezious: