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Rambunktious (Bandcamp 2016)

Worlockk Bowden is a Detroit – Michigan Rapper/Hip-Hop artists but now living in Camden with the old story about his attendance to Belleville High School brought his excellent talents for composing and writing good social lyrics for his products that mixing the purest Black Music with the contaminated Whitey life-style which can collecting your interests not only for listening to eerie haunting music of Rn’B, Gangsta-Rap to Dirty Hip-Hop and anarchist ideas over young colored people of America that being once again marginalized by the elected white supremacy leaders with cop-dogs on their chains – ready to kill and wiped out anyone whom opposing them. The superb iconic front cover with Worlockk in front regretting his decision to accepts evil propositions like wealthy, fame, white pussies and stupid contracts to the white female red-haired demon which calling as The Devil Himself as the recording completed within these enlightenment to eliminations tracks to make you learn the hardest way for Xanax (prod. Kid Yumi), Full Moon (prod. FlameAlkahest) or Terror on Broadway feat. SeventhLord X & Okir (prod. Raisi K) and such. 

One will supporting this shit cause the reasons sounding legit for the young Blacks not to quit !

The Devil Himself: