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Rama Llama (Domino Recording Co. 2005)

Semi-Traditional form of Indie Rock format from these Glasgow’s duet on blending their Avant-Garde, Alternative Rock and Punk-Swing for public affections or just showing off the artistic version ideas by Sons and Daughters led by Adele Bethel or Scott Paterson with David Gow and Ailidh Lennon complete the line-up of the band. Releasing their one of thus masterpiece recording album – The Repulsion Box that consisting with most of the prolific theory and sounds remarkably feasting on anyone whom already got this record on their hands with a bit of luck because of it’s awesome menus inside that carries whether the low-baritone basic vocals like Tom Waits or Nick Cave to the sensual female harmony Alt-Rock vocals or the crashing distortions meets acoustic and Country stronger influences for the songs like Hunt, Red Receiver, Medicine and Choked to Taste The Last Girls and Monsters; spawning creativity for Scotland. 

The Repulsion Box: