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Radio Edit (Sofrito Super Singles 2017)

Brought his international correlation in collaborates as this guy from Goa hailing himself to represented Glasgow but then decided to resides on Huntleys & Palmers and Highlife; using glasses and not really looking European – Brian D’Souza or Auntie Flo pushes himself to exploing more and more riches and deeper roots over the lesser known traditional and World Music elements on Senegalese drumming’s aural space retreat or Uganda or other African miraculous strings music, percussions and chants as well. The project which not under the protectoral of UN but soon might become one cause of this kinds of attentions and nurturing passions for keeping these type of olden and rare music rituals alive, at least – on a recording session. 
The Soniferous Garden is a releasing which only regarding two tracks but  one would feel to taste how intense or characterizd thus rhythmic based of musical both equally on Traditional sounds to World Heritage productions and Pop-Electronic showcases within the additional players talents and the rest of the members of the group including: Hakim Kawinuka or Burnt Friedman, Giovanni Kremer Kiyingi to Canadian environmentalist Murray Schafer and resulting The Soniferous Garden (the album) as well as Rainfall on Red Earth will taking your thoughts wandering farther …