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Radiation Adam Boogie (Amphetamine Reptile Records 2014)

   Not quite as brilliant as The Melvins or uglier but these Los Angeles home-band terror muzzak of infinite Experimental sicko-funked temporary alternates missions for dealing with inner-self ideas on making stupid things sounded cooler on music that rocks the socks off your woodpecker cocks by helping out among friends where insanity can be separable being sold out or bargains. Hepa-Titus trio formed by Kevin Rutmanis, Paul Christensen or Sterling Riley that based on their ridiculous non-profit solitude energies might getting hotter each and every minutes as the developing crazy noises and musical products under the market tag-label of Hepa-Titus actually can releasing several albums including this one – Getting’ It On which also introducing back our Disney’s famous characters like Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck (kids beware !) looked promisingly stupid as the songs on it reacting like a madness curiosity of Rock Music that finally cheating out with other silly variant off sounds via this record. Down Chuck, Crippled Burns, Long Long Long as well as Dress Ache really will giving the listeners a good ill-tempered feelings just like when you decided to doing the suicidal acts but fail and got broken bones only at that time.

Gettin' It On: